See below for your tour assignment

We have set aside time on Monday evening (July 25) to tour the DIII-D National Fusion Facility. There will be two groups, one departing at 5:45 PM and returning at 7:45 PM and the second departing at 7:15 PM and returning at 9:15 PM. Since this overlaps the dinner served at the UCSD dining hall we are arranging for an early dinner to be served to all attendees at the school venue before the first group leaves.

If you would like to go on the tour please sign up via the button below by Thursday, July 21. You can express a preference for one time or the other, but we cannot guarantee you will get your first choice. UPDATE: The 5:45 tour is oversubscribed. Some of those who selected it will have to be scheduled for the later tour, and anybody who registers now will be assigned to the later tour.

We ask that you do not sign up for the tour if you live in San Diego… most of you have already had a chance to see DIII-D and we can arrange an opportunity for you at another time if you haven't. We only have the capacity for about 150 people total in the two groups.

Non-US visitors will need to bring their passports on the tour. US visitors should bring a government ID.

Sorry, the tour registration is closed.

We apologize if you requested the early tour and were assigned to the late tour. Most of you preferred the earlier time but we needed to balance the size of the two groups. The 5:45 PM slots were distributed to the first 57 people who requested that time.

Group 1: Departs UCSD at 5:45 PM

Yuri Peres Asnis

Otto Asunta

Enrico Aymerich

Rhea Barnett

Amrita Bhattacharya

Jesus Bonilla De Toro

Jalaluddin Butt

Stefano Ciufo

Anthony Cooper

Sara Dubbioso

Daniel Dudt

Federico Felici

Samuel Frank

Yichen Fu

Jiyun Han

Kevin Howarth

Junghoo Hwang

Jae Young Jang

Hassan Al Khawaldeh

Beomsu Kim

Boseong Kim

Donguk Kim

Patrick Kim

Sun Hee Kim

Shinichiro Kojima

Mate Lampert

Dong-Jae Lee

Jekil Leea

Boting Li

Jessica Li

Nami Li

Priyansh Lunia

Stefano Marchioni

Rebecca Masline

Viraj Mehta

Joel Moreno

Sai Tej Paruchuri

Tariq Rafiq

Juan Riquezes

Adel Mounzer Saleh

Alex Saperstein

Jeff Schneider

Hong Seulchan

Prashant Sharma

Haewon Shin

Xiao Song

Ian Stewart

Anete Stine Teimane

Matt Tobin

Phil Travis

Jacob Van De Lindt

Simon Van Mulders

Yumou Wei

Haley Wilson

Golo Wimmer

Yanzeng Zhang

Menglong Zhao

Group 2: Departs UCSD at 7:15 PM

Joe Abbate

David Arnold

Sadruddin Benkadda

Oleksii Beznosov

Qiheng Cai

Miguel Calvo Carrera

Rian Chandra

Hari Paul Choudhury

Youngseog Chung

Cesar F Clauser

Cassandre Contré

Doménica Corona

Kirtan Davda

Gianmaria De Tommasi

Ian Desjardin

Laura Dittrich

Giacomo Dose

Gonzalo Fernandez Torija Daza

Yashika Ghai

Ethan Green

Ehab Hassan

Dongkwon Kim

Kyungjin Kim

Dmitrii Kiramov

Alexey Knyazev

Juyoung Ko

Brian Leard

Hyeonjun Lee

Wonho Lee

Xianzi Liu

Omar Eulogio Lopez Ortiz

Shon Mackie

Rachel Myers

Yong-Su Na

Hampus Nyström

Dario Panici

Minseo Park

Francesco Pastore

Conor Perks

Matthew Pharr

Gabriel Player

Andrew Rothstein

Francisco Javier Saenz Castro

Audrey Saltzman

Neelam Shukla

Stefan Tirkas

Wolfgang Treutterer

Wenhao Wang

Brian Wynne

Junhyeok Yoon

Guanying Yu

Lorenzo Zanisi

Qile Zhang

Chen Zhao

Ben Zhu

Jeffrey Zimmerman